Unitech Door Sizing Chart

Sizing chart technical data and finish frame dimensions.

• Frame size based on 1-1/4 jamb material.

• All 8’ height frames equal 98 1/4”

• Deduct 1/2” in height, with low profile sill.

• 1-1/2 jamb material – add 1/2” to width per door PR S/L (double door add 1/2”) – add 1/4” to height.

• R.S.O. (rough stud opening) add 3/4” to width and 1” to frame height.

• Brickmould dimensions – add 2” to frame width and 1” to frame height.

• Sidelite sizes based on 15 1/2” frame with steel insulated panels.


Wood frame (1-1/4″ frame). Note: all frame heights equal 82-1/4″


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