• Unitech Exterior Doors warrants that our Door Systems will be free of defects in workmanship and or materials used, provided that door system has been used under normal residential use.


Steel Doors

• Unitech Exterior Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door is case such door warps, rusts, or delaminates in normal residential use on all White Polytech 24 gauge steel doors, for a 10 year period.


Fiberglass Doors

• The terms of this warranty extend from the first date of purchase by the user for Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is for the original used and is non-transferable.

• Unitech Doors will at its sole discretion or option, repair or replace a door that is defective within the meaning of this guarantee. Any claims for rehanging, refinishing, or other expenses will not be allowed.

•Thickness, width, and height tolerances from nominal sizes shall not exceed 1/16” plus or minus.

• For doors 3’0”x6’8” or smaller, deformation (bow,cup,twist,warp) shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4” in the plane of the doors itself (doors larger than 7’0” height warp not to exceed 3/8”) when measured as specified in Clause C.S.A. Standard 0132.2-1972.


Painted Doors

• All painted door systems are warranted under normal conditions for a period of 10 years, against weathering, specifically “peeling, cracking or blistering from/on the applied surface and signifi cant ultraviolet discoloration” (greater than 6 Delta E units) caused by natural environmental atmospheric conditions.


• Normal wear and tear ( example: door sweepers, weather stripping) and natural weathering of surfaces.

• Any problems due to poor installation, related to water and/or air infiltration, or flaws in construction and in building design.

• All structural integrity issues or other problems caused by improper fitting of hardware or improper sizing of door system.

• Condensation or excessive ice build up.

• Any miscellaneous items added or affixes to door such as wreaths, door knockers, door numbers, peep holes, or any decorative item which may cause scratching to finished surface or damage to door will Void all warranties.

• Pressure washing doors will VOID Warranty

• Economic Loss.

• Any door system with a storm door installed will Void all warranties, due to excessive heat build up.

• All warranties will be Void if Fiberglass or Steel door systems do not have a Multi-Point Locking System.

• Acceptable variance in the staining process for Fiberglass door systems, may not be exactly as per brochure colour shown.

• Problems due to misuse or abuse; fail to follow proper maintenance (ex: harmful solvents or cleaning solutions) as a result of any cause beyond our control (ex: fire, flood, earthquakes) or other acts of nature and acts of 3rd party.

• Any Door which has been repaired or modified or attempted to have been repaired or modified by any person other than a authorized representative of Unitech door.

• All Schlage hardware offers a Lifetime Limited Mechanical and Finish warranty. However, customer is responsible to register the Warranty Product Registration Card given inside package box.


Claim Policy

• All warranty related concerns must be sent in writing to Uni-Tech Doors, customer to provide invoice number, and original shipment date, including product code and product concern.

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