Fiberglass Doors from Unitech – Security and Longevity

April 8, 2019 7:22 pm

Replacing your entry door is a big investment, so it’s important to ensure that you’re making the right decision. If you’re not sure what door to pick, then we have a solution for you. Consider purchasing a Fiberglass door from Unitech! Fiberglass is a versatile material – it can look like wood if you fancy a classic appearance, it will provide you with the same amount of strength as a steel door, plus it will present your home with unmatched insulation!

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors


Fiberglass will remain strong in almost any climate, even extreme cold and damp conditions. These doors aren’t susceptible to cracking, warping, rotting, rusting, scratches or corrode. Although more expensive at first, they’re more worth it in the long run. Fiberglass doesn’t require yearly maintenance and re-finishing for it to stay in pristine shape.

Versatility and Appearance

This material is available in doors of all different sizes, shapes, styles and finishes. They can be built and finished with a factory finish to meet your personal preference. Depending which door, you choose, you can even stain or paint it. No matter what your taste is, you can make the door suitable to the theme of your home. For instance, if your home has the traditional look, you can get fiberglass doors at Unitech that look just like real wood!


Fiberglass doors from Unitech are well-known and highly-regarded for being extremely energy efficient. They will provide your home with maximum insulation, which ultimately decreases your energy bills and improves your overall comfort by maintaining the temperature in the home.


When installed correctly, fiberglass doors will provide a home with exceptional security. The frame of a fiberglass door is more secure because they have twice the screw-holding power of doors made of other materials, such as wood. Let’s face it, a door is only as secure as its frame! Also, since you don’t have to worry about them rusting or deteriorating, the door will stand strong making it harder for anyone to force themselves in your home.

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Unitech fiberglass doors are 3 times more airtight, efficient and secure, with 5 times the insulating properties than wooden doors. Visit us today to learn more about our offers for these stunning products!