Fiberglass Doors VS Wood Doors –Your Home Needs Fibreglass from Unitech!

March 8, 2019 9:00 pm

In today’s market, you can choose from a variety of attractive, energy efficient doors to secure your home and compliment the overall appeal of your entranceway. The right door will provide longevity, so make sure that when you pick your door, it will be one that’s suitable to your lifestyle and the look of your home. At Unitech, customers commonly purchase fibreglass doors because of their lasting, high-quality reputation. Although wooden doors are a popular choice, more customers are moving towards fiberglass to secure their homes. Evaluate your options!


People choose to purchase wooden doors because of their natural warmth and the inviting feeling it provides to their home. Wooden doors are more often placed in covered areas of the home so that they receive the ultimate protection against potential damage.

These doors can absorb moisture, which means that they’re more susceptible to warping, bowing, twisting, cracking and rotting, which eventually can take away from the classic look and feel of a wooden door. They may also endure operational issues and overall be the less energy-efficient option. Maintenance and energy costs have the potential to make wooden doors a more expensive option in the long-run. If you have an old wooden door in poor condition that needs replacing, Unitech provides you with a variety of options and designs that will still present you with the same feel as classic wood.


Fiberglass is one of the most recent additions to the door marketplace. This material is best known for its ability to provide excellent insulation, ultimately lowering your heating a cooling costs. Since fiberglass is resistant to rusting, rotting, warping or deteriorating as a whole, it can last for significantly longer than most other materials currently in the industry. Purchasing this door will make your life easier – not only will it be less money out of your pocket, but it’s almost maintenance-free! If you’re unsure because you prefer the look of a wooden door, then no need to worry; fiberglass us available in a variety of wood grains and hand stained finishes that will still allow you to attain the comfortable, warm feel of a wooden door.

Fiberglass doors at Unitech are 3 times more airtight and efficient, with 5 times the insulating properties than wood doors. It may seem like the more expensive option at first, but fiberglass is an investment that you can be confident in!

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Purchasing a door is a big decision associated with a high cost, so it’s definitely something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Unitech is a trusted manufacturer of quality doors that provide you with the ability to experience complete comfort in your home. Contact us to learn more about our products.