Get Brushed Brass Door Handles from Unitech

March 25, 2019 8:27 pm

The new Hardware colour trend for 2019 is brushed brass! Soft satin brass finish is more delicate and distinguished from the shiny brass handles from the 80’s. Today’s interior designers are now featuring brushed brass accessories such as plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures. Unitech Doors once again leads the industry with this new trend for their door hardware choices!

Now that you finally purchased a door from Unitech, it’s time to consider which door handle will look and function the best with it. The Unitech brushed brass door handle is a quality material that looks stunning with a variety of colours and styles.

High Quality

Brass is made with zinc and copper which contributes to the overall strength and quality of this material. It’s long lasting and will less likely need replacement. Investing in a Unitech brushed brass door handle is not only stylish, but also convenient because it’s a fire-proof material and has the ability to kill dangerous transferable bacteria. This is important, since people will always be touching your door handle. You can always achieve a crisp look with Unitech brushed brass door handles since they’re less susceptible to rust and deterioration.

Always Stylish

These golden handles will look elegant on anyone’s front door because they pair well with just about any colour scheme! You will surely be satisfied with Unitech brushed brass door handles, whether your home has a traditional, vintage or modern look.

Visit Unitech Doors

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality brushed brass door handle for your front door, then visit Unitech today to view your style options and learn more about the benefits of this material!