Purchase the Puzzle Design Door at Unitech!

April 26, 2019 7:52 pm

Are you looking to replace your simple door with something more unique? Then look no further than Unitech! Unitech displays true innovation and creativity with the new fibreglass door designs for 2019. One of them happens to be the unique new Puzzle Design, finished in our exclusive new demin-blue stain.

Unique Patterns

Making a grand entrance is what Unitech Exterior Doors is all about. Investing in something as bold as the Puzzle Design will surely make your home stand out from the crowd! Your door is a way to express yourself and the lifestyle you’re living. The puzzle design is a perfect option for those who enjoy a more modern design. Plus, if the rest of your house has a minimalistic theme, why not include this door as its stunning focal point!

Bold Colours!

Blue front doors are the current trend of 2019! Since this unique door comes in our new denim-blue stain, it will look even better and keep your home looking up-to-date. The best part about this blue is that it’s a dark shade, which will pair well with the exterior colour of most homes and increase your curb appeal!

High-Quality Fiberglass Material

On top of this door being unique and beautiful, it also comes in the highest quality material! Fiberglass doors at Unitech are very versatile and offer benefits that no other material can compete with: a nice appearance, security and energy efficiency. They are extremely durable! You don’t have to worry about scratching, peeling, warping or rotting. Plus, they require very little maintenance.

Visit Unitech

This innovative Puzzle Design, blue stained, fiberglass door is everything you could ask for! Modern, stunning, trendy and amazing quality. Visit Unitech today to see the door yourself and learn more about this unique new product!