Remain Safe and Secure With a Unitech Multipoint Locking System

February 1, 2019 8:27 pm

It takes less than 1 second to kick in your door – 73% of burglars gain entry through kicking or crowbars. Avoid the emotional and financial stress of breaking and entering by installing multipoint locks on your door to ensure maximum security. “Multipoint” indicates to the numerous locks these doors employ when being secured. Having 3 locks ensures that your doors are 3 times more resistant to break ins.

How it works

Multipoint system doors lock themselves. Closing the door will allow the upper and lower ¾ inch latches to engage and become 2 additional dead bolts. This intricate locking system is created to the highest standard and is nearly impossible to outsmart.

Reduce Door Warpage

Installing this system will reduce the wear-and-tear that comes with any standard door. The locks installed on the door leaf are well supported by several bolts and latches, which evens out the weight spread across the door. This places far less pressure on the hinges, ultimately making the door more durable and long-lasting.

Ideal for large exterior doors

There’s a higher demand for better locking methods when considering the most effective ways to build the doorway of a home. Large doors that exceed 8 – 10 feet in length can be difficult to secure. Multipoint locking systems allow you to successfully secure even the tallest, heaviest doors.

Give better weather sealing performance

Installing this locking system offers a more secure and weather resistant seal. The compression bolts placed on the door will pull the door tightly into the weather seals in the frame to keep it compact. Multipoint locking systems provide optimum energy conservation because of its weather sealing performance, leading to decreased energy bills.

Concealed Properly and More Security

The most important feature of a multipoint locking system is the increased security. It would take a significant amount of time to disarm each lock – even if a potential trespasser tried, they probably still couldn’t! This system provides improved safety which will likely be recognized by your insurance company.

If you’re interested in a multipoint locking system for your entry door, contact Unitech Doors – we can help you improve the safety and security of your home!