Unique Door Designs from Unitech

May 13, 2019 1:29 pm

Traditionally, doors were considered to be just a functional part of a home. At Unitech, that’s not the case! Unitech Doors introduces new and improved materials that have shifted from a simple functioning design, to an exciting design feature that enhances your home. Unitech is the forefront of this aesthetic movement, with their New Contemporary Collection of Fiberglass Entry Doors.

Customizing Your Door

The Contemporary Collection is a new selection of fiberglass entry doors that showcase design innovation. Since fiberglass is such a versatile material, we took advantage of that! There’s 8 new doors in this collection, some even provide you with unique customizable options. In the M-500 model for example, you have the ability to customize the door with the number and address engraved in it for a unique look.

Unique Lines

All the doors in this new collection are designed using unique lines that add more depth to your front door. Model M-700 for example, uses horizontal and vertical lines, in the shape of a rectangle, that get smaller the closer it gets to the door handle. This modern design creates distance and movement, which accentuates the door handle.

Door Handles

The door handles paired with these new models are all very simple, yet pronounced. If you’re looking for a modern door with a simpler design, take a look at the M-400 model. It’s dark brown with horizontal lines, which gives it somewhat of a rustic look, paired with a long silver door handle that’s more than half the length of the door. It looks very simple, but the door handle makes it stand out, allowing homeowners to achieve a comfortable, yet contemporary look.

Visit Unitech

If you want to see and learn more about our new Contemporary Collection, then visit our showroom today to view dozens of door designs on display!