Want a Blue Door? Unitech Has You Covered!

February 21, 2019 5:10 pm

When you visit a home, the first thing you notice is the main entrance. The front door is the focal point of a home’s exterior. Each front door is a representation of the people who live behind them, that’s why when you’re choosing its colours and accessories, you must think of the statement you want your door to make. The current colour trending for most front doors is Blue. Different shades of blue have specific ways of making your home stand out. At Unitech doors, we can help you decide how to make your statement by choosing the best front door for your home.

Why Blue?


Blue makes your house seem more approachable. For instance, painting your front door bright blue is linked to calmness and trust. Next time you knock on a blue door, think about it for a moment and you may come to the same conclusion.
Confidence and Security

Having a blue door is often associated with confidence, security, tranquility and sophistication. The cool colour is pleasant and creates a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Colours to Pair With Blue

Pairing different colours with blue will definitely enhance the look of your front door. At Unitech, we recommend that if you have a light blue door for example, pair it with light shades of green. It also looks stunning with shades of white, red, purple, orange, yellow and even gold.

Below are some tips on how we think you should design your front exterior and the area around your blue door.

Navy Blue

Navy blue doors have the ability to improve a homes curb appeal. They’re beautiful when paired with white sidelights and a trim on the door. The contrast of colours will make your door stand out and catch the eye of your visitors.

Teal Blue

A brass lock and door handle would look tremendous with a teal blue door. Our recommendation is to feature door lamps and a beige stoop roof supported by 2 beige columns. Consider including big blue flowerpots and red bricks to make your front door look tremendous.

Neon Blue
Neon blue will catch the eye of your visitors and people walking by. We recommend that if you choose a bold blue, then pair it with neutral beige. You can achieve this look by painting the windows beside it or the picket fences on your front lawn beige.

Very Dark Blue

When choosing a dark blue door, feature sidelight windows and a door lamp. With a dark door, you should find the best ways to effectively illuminate your home.


perfect for a beach-inspired home — it’s becoming the go-to color for modern farmhouse and cottage styles. Aqua and turquoise doors are versatile, putting a fresh spin on neutral color palettes.

For beach-inspired homes, aqua blue is common, especially for modern farmhouses and cottages. This shade of blue is what we endorse because it’s extremely versatile and puts a fresh spin on neutral colour palettes. This shade is often beautiful when paired with multiple plants.

Lilac Blue

Lilac blue is the perfect way to express your creativity and individuality.

At Unitech Doors, we specialize in door creation and installations. Not only will your door be blue, but we also ensure to use the best technology in order to be more environmentally friendly. If you need a new door, especially a blue one, then contact us today so the professionals can help you!